About Suzie

In a nutshell, I'm a hyperactive PE nerd. I am a Flipped Learning advocate, a Problem Based Learning cheerleader and an Ed Tech enthusiast. My experience, as a teacher, spans all boys and all girls schools across Health & Physical Education, and the Sciences within Queensland, Australia. I am lucky enough to have a young team of PE teachers who are keen to try new things, so I'm in good company!

I'm addicted to challenging myself and those around me and am always in pursuit of improvement. I love to get moving (I am, after all, a PE teacher), but equally love getting my nerd on. If there's a new app or program out there that will add value to my practice, I jump in head first. I'm then that annoying colleague who will eagerly discuss the new tech with anyone who'll listen (you can't fault my enthusiasm).

I am a massive believer in teaching students how to learn - I believe that it is with these skills that they are afforded more confidence to be critical and creative thinkers. This is why I do what I do. This is why I am always looking for alternative ways to do things. This is why I teach.

So, please, if you share this passion for teaching and can relate to my overactive brain, then let's share the journey together! You can connect with me on Twitter (@SuzieTjin), learn with me on YouTube (suztjin) or contact me here if you'd like to chat about how we could work together.

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